How to nail the Mediterranean chic look


All that is fabulous, and chic is in the Mediterranean. The finest destinations in luxury lifestyle, travel, style, events and dining reside there. With the COVID-19 pandemic foiling our holiday plans and the nights getting darker and colder, a lot of us will be desperately pining for the next holiday getaway. Get ready to dust off your sarongs and maxi dresses, as your next Mediterranean holiday in 2021 is awaiting, and you need to be prepared! These summer staples can even be tried out in the comfort of your own home, just like Louise Redknapp. To get over the holiday blues, let’s recap these timeless Mediterranean must-haves. Effortlessness is key, and this comes with confidence of knowing the realm well. 

A beach boho maxi dress

Embellished with prints or intricate designs, these floor-sweeping, figure-skimming dresses are floaty and feminine and elegantly mark your entrance into any evening dinner. Local markets abroad are your first port of call when it comes to buying something like this. The sellers are usually pioneers of the bohemia attire aswell, which means that their collection will be very fitting to your aesthetic.

Platform espadrille shoes, sandals or heels

The straw sole is the product of the land, so the earthy colour fulfils the natural island vibe perfectly when it comes to footwear. The same concept applies to a straw handbag, basket totes and wide sunhats. Stradivarius’ Raffia Shoe Collection is packed full of excellent selection of these shoes and sandals.

Straw Basket

These were the summer’s unshakeable must-have accessory! From going to the beach to local markets, these roomy bags are authentic in its versatility. They have accompanied celebrities for all different occasions and there’s no reason why you can’t get on this bandwagon either! The variety and options with the straw bag concept are literally countless, so there’s a bag for any fashion taste and style, from small and rounded to the tote to the classic oversized design.

A cool sunglasses chord

Preferably adorned with shells or beads. It really adds to the boutique look which will put you a cut above the rest in a Mediterranean beach bar. Talk about fashion and function! Check out Rhimani’s Simba Glasses Chord to make your fashion choices sustainable and charitable.


Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you have to neglect your arm bangles or necklace stacks. Less is more, except when it comes to rings. Be sure to wear golden jewellery, as it accentuates the tan. The summer is a season of vibrancy, filled with blue skies and turquoise water. With all of these bright colours around, your jewellery should also be fun and colourful. Shell pendants, gem drop earrings and delicate pearly bracelets are always welcome but matching your more extravagant earrings and necklaces to your bikini or swimming costume will add a jewel of sophistication to your look.

Invest in a really good, quality material black swimsuit

This chic piece is iconic as its elegance on any wearer is timeless. You won’t regret spending more money as it will last you a lifetime, besides, anything cheap ends up being more expensive in the long run if you have to rebuy it, so take the plunge, (not just the neckline) and invest.


A linen item is a must have. This material is so light and breathable, making it not only the perfect solution to endure the European heatwaves, but is also fitting for every occasion, be it casual or chicer, especially a white linen trouser. Culotte, suit trouser, shorts or straight trouser, check out this Pinterest board for inspo.

white dress is a classified essential

Maxi, midi or mini, this piece is easy-breezy and anything but basic. The minimalistic glamour is so popular, it was given the limelight by this Vogue article. And paired with a sun-kissed tan and the sunglasses chord, straw bag and espadrille shoes mentioned above, the look will be completed.

With these iconic pieces you couldn’t be more ready to nail the Mediterranean chic look whether it be for a holiday in the distant-future or simply feeling the holiday fantasy in the comfort of your own home. 

Feature image by @alexb available on upslash.

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