Hild Bede SRC votes to disaffiliate from DSU


On the 21st March, Hild Bede SRC voted overwhelmingly in favour of disaffiliation from the SU, in light of the recent controversy surrounding the disqualification of the RON campaign in the officer elections.

Over 93% of votes cast were in favour of disaffiliation, however turnout was low at just 12.3% of SRC members.

This news follows a broader move among common rooms to reassess support for the DSU, with Trevelyan College announcing they will be “taking steps” towards disaffiliation, and proposed motions at Hatfield. 

The controversy centres around the disqualification of the RON candidate in the SU elections, on the grounds of a complaint which claimed it breached electoral rules. Palatinate’s full report can be found here.

Further controversy emerged because the SU is yet to announce the full breakdown of the results. 

The SU’s handling of the election has attracted widespread criticism from the student body, including from the five successful candidates themselves. In a joint facebook status, the candidates said that they were “appalled” at how the SU had handled the elections, and suggested that the SU should apologise.

The SU assembly, which was held on the 12th March, attracted lively student protest. DULC (Durham University Labour Club) held a banner which read “Defend Democracy” and announced that they “roundly and fully condemn” the SU’s handling of the election.

In the meeting, it emerged that any vote which had RON as in its first-place preference was deleted from the election count, regardless of whether the vote ranked other candidates at all.

Image: Durham University

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