Gig review: King No-One

By Emily Gray

Since 2016, a little-known band called King No-One has caught my interest. This alternative-indie band was well-known in my secondary school due to their Yorkshire origins, and for their notoriously fun gigs. Towards the end of term, my friend and I went to Newcastle to see them for what would be my fifth time, and they didn’t disappoint.

My admiration of King No-One not only stems from their catchy songs that tackle prevalent themes in society today, such as the North-South divide, inequality and racism, but also their genuinely incredibly enjoyable gigs. I remember in my second year as a fun ice breaker for my new housemates, I suggested we should go to one of their gigs. After all, the tickets were relatively inexpensive and if nothing else it was a trip to Newcastle.

Despite me recommending what I described as ‘ketty wobblers’ for them to listen to before the gig, they had not done their revision and were somewhat clueless when it came to showtime. Nevertheless, they had a great time and said how amazing their live vocals were

Upon departing our LNER trains, journey juice in hand, we realised we were actually a few hours early. Despite how tempting the Dog and Parrot drinks deals were, we headed to Think Tank rather early (journey juice now concealed in our jacket pockets). This meant that we got the chance to see one of the supporting acts, Kytes. Kytes are an indie band from Germany and, admittedly, I had never heard of them before. However, their energy was beyond admirable. In a room that was rather empty, and everyone clearly only there for King No-One, they were interacting with the crowd and their tunes were so catchy you couldn’t help but have a little dance.

One of their songs that I couldn’t get out of my head when I returned to Durham was ‘Runaway’. It is an upbeat tune that will have you singing whether you’re an indie fan or not. Other songs I recommend are ‘Alright’, ‘Inner Cinema’ and ‘Go Out’. I genuinely don’t know how they don’t have a bigger following, and in the past few weeks I have managed to convert many of my friends to Kytes fans. A trip to Germany to see them live again is in the works. If you like their music, or just want to escape Durham to listen to a live band, they will be returning to Newcastle in October.

When King No-One played their set, they were incredible as usual, and at one point even climbed onto the bar

The number of rock takes they did on their classic indie tunes was notable, which leads me to believe they may be coming out with a rock EP in the future. They also played some of their classics, including an acoustic version of their hit ‘Two Islands’. You could see the clear emotion they felt, as did the audience with some people crying, and how much the songs and the audience’s support meant to them. Their most famous song by far is ‘Alcatraz’, but I also highly recommend ‘Bad Porno’ and ‘Roll of the Dice’. This band not only has some amazing classics, but they always interact with their fans. Between songs they often chatted with the audience, and held a meet and greet after, a customary tradition I have seen few bands do in recent years.

Overall, it was an unforgettable night. With both set lists acquired, somewhat intoxicated, and heavy eye contact made with Zach Lount, it was fifteen pounds well spent. We came for King No-One, but stayed for Kytes…

Image: Emily Gray

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