“Gaslighting” Klute bouncer fired over student spiking comments


A bouncer at Klute who told students that “you guys are spiking each other” and that “drunk students look to blame anyone they can for an easy way out” has been fired.

The comments came in response to a now deleted post on the student Facebook page, Overheard at Durham Uni, where a student posted about her experience at Klute after being allegedly spiked in the club.

Klute responded to the controversy on Facebook, saying “we are aware of recent comments in the media by one of our security members regarding ongoing spiking situations”.

“The doorman in question works for an external security provider and he has now been removed from Klute. His comments are not the views or opinions of Klute”.

The student claimed that she was subjected to “gaslighting” after she reported a red mark on her back from being spiked, with the bouncers telling her it “had not happened”, leaving her feeling upset.

While initial responses to the post were sympathetic, the bouncer commented on the discussion dismissing her claims, writing: “The lady who was alleged to have been spiked left the venue with her friends and after being checked by door staff, walked down under the bridge and then came back inside the club shortly after and remained fine.

“There was zero signs of her being spiked or being too drunk. She left with her friend and walked out perfectly fine so this for me is a false claim that this happened in Klute.

“You guys are spiking each other. It’s your responsibility to safeguard yourself against these kinds of behaviours, but, as per, drunk students look to blame anyone they can for an easy way out. We are not your personal babysitters.”

“It’s your responsibility to safeguard yourself”

The bouncer

The comments were heavily criticised by students on the discussion group with some suggesting that Klute’s security on the issue of spiking was “wanting”.

The bouncer responded to criticism by saying students have “zero clue” what they are talking about and has said he will be making a formal complaint to the University against anyone who “slanders” him or his door staff.

He has also said screenshots were being taken of those commenting and distributed around all clubs and bars in Durham with the warning that they will “slander any bar and door staff if they don’t believe your lies and deceitful cruel false allegations”.

He went on to say “top and bottom, you leave your drink unattended that’s down to you, not us door staff or the venue.

“You’re responsible for yourself so start taking responsibility for your actions. No drink should ever be left unattended regardless of where you are.

“You’re acting like this hasn’t been a thing for a long long time. Guess what, it has. Guess what also, a lot of these alleged spiking’s has just been students who have drank too much.”

Reports suggest this is not the only incident of Klute staff dismissing claims that students have been spiked. A recent video on Facebook appears to show bouncers saying that a student was lying about being spiked.

Klute’s Facebook also said: “Student safety is our number one priority and we have introduced new measures…and increased level of security personal”.

“Student safety is our number one priority”

Klute Durham

The bouncer’s statement comes after a term where spiking was on the rise in Durham, with over 167 suspected cases of spiking being reported in Durham in just two weeks in late October.

The Northern Echo contacted Durham City MP Mary Kelly Foy who said she will be taking the matter to the police and with Klute itself.

“It is worrying to hear about more spiking incidents occurring in Durham. During times of heightened concern around the safety of young women, I would expect that employees of any establishment would be understanding and sympathetic should a distressed induvial approach them for support”, said Foy.

In the post the student said she had gone to the police and was undergoing further medical tests. Durham police confirmed a criminal investigation is underway.

A spokesperson for the constabulary said: “A 19-year-old women has reported to police being spiked by injection in Durham City.

“Detectives are investing the incident and enquiries are ongoing. Drink spiking is a serious offence, and we would urge anyone who believes they have been a victim to seek immediate medical attention and report the incident to police.”

Image: Arthur Dimsdale

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