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By Thomas Simpson, Max Kendix, and

The deadline for module choices for 2021-22 closes on 2nd July. Palatinate has used Freedom of Information requests to put together a handy table below, where you can find the modules of 2020, 2019 and 2018 with the highest levels of Firsts and 2:1s. You can search by subject, module code or module title, and filter by subject or level. Bear in mind:

  • 2020 saw 48-hour Covid-19-affected online exams, which impacted results. For exams which require calculations, there was a significant increase on the previous year. For more essay-based modules, the results tended to be higher, but not substantially different. 2019 and 2018 exams were in-person.
  • Some modules had very few people taking them – for example, if you see a 100% First rate, there may have only been one person taking that module.
  • A higher rate of Firsts or 2:1s can have various reasons, and different students have different ideas of what an ‘easy’ module is.
  • Modules change every year – so some modules here won’t be available next year.

Subject Level Module Title Average First (%) Average 2.1 (%) 19 19 18 18

Image: Suzannah Gilburt

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One thought on “Find the easiest module for your subject

  • Have to admit, I’m thoroughly amused that the idea that my Formal & Philosophical Logic is “easy” just because students who put the effort into it are likely to get firsts!

    Before you assume that a high rate of firsts correlates with how easy a module is, definitely talk to someone who has taken the class…


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