Finalists have difficulty accessing final results


On Monday 6th November, following the end of the Marking and Assessment Boycott and promises of released marks on this date, it has been revealed that finalists experienced delays in receiving results due to a technical issue with the University’s PowerBI app.

Pro-Vice Chancellor Tony Fawcett sent an email out just before 5pm informing 2022/23 finalists that they will not be able to access their final marks and degree awards.

The email explained that the Computing and Information Services (CIS) team had made this issue a priority and were currently working on ensuring students can access their results as soon as possible.

It was advised that finalists access their results through Banner Self Service

Mr. Fawcett stated in the email: “I know this will come as a disappointment and I apologise for any concern or inconvenience caused. I will update you as soon as possible once I have more information on timescales for a resolution.”

After enduring months of uncertainty due to a lack of marks that placed a significant number of undergraduate finalists in stressful conditions, Professor Tony Fawcett advised students on the 12th September that final results would be out on 6th November, with later emails giving a time period of 12-2pm for their release.

At around 6pm, Mr. Fawcett sent out a second email thanking students for their patience as they fixed the technical issues. It was then advised that finalists were able to access their results via Banner Self Service.

All finalists received a copy of their final degree transcript this afternoon to their Durham email account. This provides a full breakdown of final marks as confirmed by Exam Boards.

Image: Les Hull via Wikimedia Commons

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