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With exam season in touching distance, it is crucial to make time for yourself and have a break from revision. Two local theatres are showing a plethora of mind-transporting plays that can distract from the pressure of current exams or be used as something to look forward to after the exam period. Below are some highlight performances from both venues as well as an exciting opportunity for scriptwriters that could be taken advantage of after exams!

Gala Theatre

Right on our doorstep, the Gala Theatre has an abundance of upcoming shows. If in the mood for some escape in a show but can’t quite find the time to look up upcoming performances, then look no further! Below are some of the upcoming shows at the Gala Theatre:

Best of Enemies

When: Thursday 18th May

Price: £15 or £13 concession

This will be a screening of the recent West End tenant Best of Enemies. The play is set in 1968 America in the lead-up to a presidential election and focuses on one debate between two politically opposing party members. Receiving stellar reviews and two Olivier Award nominations has earned an impressive reputation. Catch it at the Gala Theatre!


When: Thursday 15th of June

Price: £15 or £13 concession

Inspiring the hit BBC series Fleabag, the original monologue performance by Phoebe Waller-Bridge premiered at The Edinburgh Fringe, and the recording of it will be put on at the Gala Theatre. A laughter-inducing watch, Fleabag follows one women’s life in London running a guinea pig café, dealing with an impossible family and processing the tragedy of losing her best friend. At the end of exam season, this play will have your belly aching from laughter.

Father Unknown

When: Thursday 15th June

Price: £10

Father Unknown has collaborated with both Newcastle University and the young dads from The North East Young Dads and Lads and is inspired by the real-life experiences of young dads. The play focuses on Alfie whose life is about to get turned upside down when he finds out he is going to be a dad while studying GCSE geography.

Door-to-Door Poetry: Nationwide

When: Thursday 18th May 2023

Price: £12 or £10 concession

Door-to-Door Poetry: Nationwide is based on Rowan McCabe’s real-life experience of going around knocking on the doors for strangers and writing them a piece of poetry on the subject matter of their choice! Planning to visit 12 locations in England to do this, his endeavours were halted when the pandemic hit. As a mix of spoken word and theatre, the performance presents McCabe’s final outing and explores what we have learnt post-pandemic.

The Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle

A theatre with accessibility at its heart, The Alphabetti Theatre was established to nurture the performing arts in the North East. As well as an upcoming show, they have a unique writing opportunity.

Soapbox Racer

When: 25th April- 13th May

Price: £3-£15

Written by Ben Schwarz and directed by Rosie Bowden, Soapbox Racer follows Kay’s attempts to win back her ex, (whom she lost to her only friend), all while building a soapbox car, which she will drive down a hill!

The unique opportunity the theatre provides is one all hopeful scriptwriters should consider! The ‘Response Writing’ competition is open to anyone age 16 or older. How it works is you will go and see one of Alphabetti’s shows in its first week of production. Then you have until midnight on Friday of the same week to write a 15-minute play responding to one aspect of the play. You can collect a Writers Pack from the box office for guidance The winning play will be performed professionally by the theatre immediately after the original play’s performance and will receive £500. This term, this opportunity is available for the play Chop, Dissolve, Burn and the deadline for the response piece is on Friday 23rd June. For aspiring writers, this is not one to miss! With two local theatres offering such great viewing, an escape from exams or having something to look forward to, does not have to be difficult to achieve and I would highly recommend losing yourself in a show to do this!

Image credit: Simon Ray Via Unsplash

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