Engineering Department attended by firefighters in “false alarm”

By Lilith Foster-Collins, Waseem Mohamed, and

County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service have confirmed that the reports of smoke at the Engineering Department building this morning were a false alarm.

Two fire engines attended the scene and around sixty students in the building were evacuated and told to head home. The Engineering Building on the Science Site was evacuated by staff, affecting approximately 60 students, after the fire alarm was sounded.

Two fire engines attended the scene after the fire service was called to reports of the smell of smoke at 11:24 am. Two fire engines attended the scene, one from Durham and one from Spennymoor.

Several sources suggested that smoke had been smelt inside the building, but investigations by firefighters revealed this was “a false alarm with good intent”.

The building re-opened just before midday, and firefighters left the scene at 11:51 am.


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