Durham University announces rise in Durham Grant 


Durham University has announced a 6.7% rise in the Durham Grant for the 2024/2025 academic year. The University said the scheme rose in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as it was measured in September. 

Unlike last year, where the scheme rose by 13%, there will not be a change in who is considered eligible. 

In an email to all students the University said that those in the scheme was to reflect the increasing rate of inflation and would “represent an additional investment of c.£500,000 into the Durham Grant Scheme”. 

A further additional £500,000 will be spent to extend the scheme to ensure further support through consultation with Durham Students’ Union and JCRs. Details of how this money will be spent is yet to be confirmed. 

The University went onto say that “We know that cost of living increases continue to be a concern for many. As a University community we are deeply committed to supporting students who may be struggling financially, and have a broad and generous package of support in place.”

In calculations done by Palatinate, this would mean that those on the maximum grant (those who have a household income) would receive approximately £2667.50 across the year. 

The Durham Grant is available for all UK students whose household income is below £47,200 as assessed by Student Finance England or an equivalent service. Currently over 3,000 Durham Students receive the greant, with over 1,600 students receiving the maximum amount. 

The University also offer support on their Cost of Living Hub, including Student Support Fund and an Instant Access Hardship Fund.


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