Durham students wash up other students’ dishes for free


Durham University students have been washing up other students’ dirty dishes for free as part of Kings Church Durham’s annual June Project week.

Running from Wednesday 9th to Saturday 12th June, June Project sees Kings’ congregation engage in outreach and mission work around Durham, with targeted areas including the city centre, Newton Hall, Framwellgate Moor and the Sherburn Road estate in Gilesgate.

Covid-19 restrictions have impacted the activities involved in and the planning of June Project, yet a total of 120 individuals signed up for the week, most of whom are students at the University.

From community days and garden maintenance, to washing up and speaking to people on the streets of Durham, the activities involved in the week were wide-ranging and principally outdoors based.

Washing up was one way in which Kings sought to reach out to students in particular, with Chris Morgan – a Durham graduate who works as Kings’ Operations Manager – telling Palatinate, “As part of the week we want to show God’s love to students and what better way than to do their washing up!

“We basically are just knocking on doors and offering to do it… to show students that we care for them and love them.”

20 different individuals were involved in the washing up, one of whom was Calum Steer, a second-year undergraduate at St. Aidan’s.

“1 John 4:19 says ‘We love because he first loved us’,” Calum said. “Perhaps I enjoyed washing up because Jesus was working through me as I did it.

“Jesus, who I believe is God, did not come into the world resembling a king. Instead, he was born in a mucky stable, ate dinner with those despised by society, washed the feet of his disciples, and chose to be tortured and die, all because he loves us.

“I think that Jesus would also be more than happy to do your washing up.”

Kings Church Durham is a mission-orientated church which is a member of the Evangelical Alliance.

It holds services at St. Oswald’s Institute on Church Street and in the Fonteyn Ballroom of Durham Students’ Union’s Dunelm House.

Image: Kings Church Durham

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