Durham Students’ Union restructuring to focus on “centralising administrative and support functions”


The “major restructuring” of the Durham Students’ Union (Durham SU) is to concentrate on “centralising most of [its] administrative and support functions,” Palatinate has learned.

Paddy Reilly, Chief Executive of Durham Students’ Union, told Palatinate in a statement that centralising most of Durham SU’s administrative and support functions “will result in a more efficient and responsive service.”

The Durham SU announced that it would undergo restructuring as part of a “fresh new approach” on 3rd September. It said a “pioneering new structure” will allow them to gain a “better understanding of the needs and wants of Durham University students.”

Paddy Reilly stated that the Durham SU is seeking to “directly involve more students” in the work and running of the Union, as it will “equip students with more of the skills they will need in their future careers.”

“We will provide staff support to guide, mentor, and advise those students,” Mr Reilly said.

The Union’s initial announcement also indicated its intention to implement “a new and relevant staffing structure,” whereby all affected staff members were “invited to apply for new positions.”

Some existing staff members continue to work in their existing roles as part of the new structure.

In his statement, Mr Reilly reaffirmed that affected staff members whose jobs were “at risk” were invited to apply for new roles. “All five employees who applied [for a new role] secured a new role,” Mr Reilly confirmed.

“The total number of employees — excluding student staff — will increase by one to 23.”

Since its initial announcement, Durham SU has been posting vacancies on its Twitter account for roles that include a Director of Learning, an Executive Assistant, and a range of part-time roles targeted at students.

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