Durham protesters tell Donald Trump “you are NOT WELCOME!”

By Clara Gaspar

Dozens of people have turned out to protest Donald Trump’s visit to the UK at Redhill Miners’ Club in Durham.

Labour politicians, union members and local people came together to protest the President’s visit ahead of the Durham Miners’ Gala tomorrow. In total around 100 people were in attendance.

Speakers at the protest included the Chair of the Labour Party Ian Lavery, Shadow Health Secretary John Ashworth, Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner and singer- songwriter Billy Bragg.

Unite, the UK’s largest union, unfurled a 40ft ‘Trump not Welcome’ banner for the event, in solidarity with demonstrations taking place simultaneously across the country. Many attendees held ‘Trump Not Welcome’ placards.

In his speech Lavery told the crowd: “Let us send a strong message from the Durham Miners, Donald Trump you are NOT WELCOME!”

Fellow Labour politician, Angela Rayner, said: “When you think of the integrity of our trade union movement – there is no clearer example of the opposite of this in Donald Trump.”

Organisations supporting the protests alongside Unite include the Durham Miners’ Associations, the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), University and College Union (UCU), Communication Workers Union (CWU), the GMB, National Education Union (NEU), Transport and Salaried Staff Association (TSSA), train drivers union Aslef and public services union Unison.

Unite regional secretary for North East, Yorkshire and Humberside Karen Reay said the union is in solidarity with the anti-Trump protests: “The Durham Miners’ Gala is when workers and trade unionists from across the UK gather together in camaraderie.

“Donald Trump’s politics of intolerance, divide and division have no place in the UK and are totally rejected by workers and trade unionists.”

The Durham Miners’ Association secretary Alan Cummings said: “It is important that Donald Trump and his entourage understand that throughout the length and breadth of the UK workers are opposed to his politics and his policies of intolerance.”

Aayush Kaina, a second year Durham student attending the protest, told Palatinate: “I am attending the protest today because I think it’s imperative to stand up to people who speak without considering the consequences of their words. For him to claim people in the UK “like him a lot” is the farthest thing from the truth.

“His xenophobic, sexist, homophobic and racist attitudes and policies have no place in the UK, and his recent immigration policies of separating babies from heir parents and compelling them to argue for themselves in a court of law is not only ridiculous, but unconstitutional.”

Meanwhile, MP for Durham City, Roberta Blackman-Woods, attended the anti-Trump protest in London.

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Photograph: Shelly Asquith

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  1. michael kell
    Jul 13, 2018 - 09:30 PM

    i was born and raised in sherburn village where rebecca wood lives now i live in littletown 2 miles from sherburn village what is wrong with donald trump telling you that there is to many legal immagrents living in this country where i live we dont exist when things get done we never even got any salt when we had all that snow we had to dig awer sells out dut we still have to pay full poll tax to substadise every other parish eg sherburn pittingham lubworth sherburn hill gilesgate and every boby else who lives away from littletown local council look after there own areas well people in littletown recieve nothing we dont even get anyboby picking litter or road sweeper coming up my street that is all it is a street but we pay full poll tax like every body else so all you who think donald trump is racist fuck off he dose every for his country because he is proud not like ower covement who are frightent of eu stuff them theresa may and do hard brexit and do deals with other countries so my street might gets things done iam a brexiter me and my family would love nothing more than to be from eu and all there rules boris johnson if you read this i will stand by you i am only groundworker but if you ever get hold of this message i will stand bye you every step i will even quit my job to be your right or left hand man in the northeast beliveme i can get you the votes being english and proud

    • nemo
      Jul 19, 2018 - 10:24 AM

      Just out of interest, have you heard of punctuation? Or spelling? Or coherence.?


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