Durham knocked out of University Challenge in semi-finals


Last night, Durham’s University Challenge team were knocked out by Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, by 185 points to Durham’s 130, in the semi-final stage.

This result means that, for the second year in a row, Durham’s team narrowly missed out on a place in the series final.

Durham excelled on topics as diverse as Afrofuturism, the psychoanalyst Sabina Spielreim, and the execution of Charles I.

However, the Corpus team answered well on mathematical physics, classical music, and geography.

On their defeat, the host, Jeremy Paxman, said to the side from Durham “Well, you’re a very good team Durham. Too bad you didn’t make it to the final, but going out in the semi-final: that’s pretty smart!”

In order to progress to the semi-finals, teams are required to win two out of three quarter-final matches.

“Well, you’re a very good team Durham.”

The Durham University team was beaten in their first-round match against Trinity College, Cambridge, but qualified for the play-offs having been one of the highest-scoring losers.

A strong 95-point victory over the University of York in the play-offs guaranteed their place in the second round.

This was followed up with a strong display against Southampton University, winning by 245 points to Southampton’s 95.

However, the team was beaten by a strong side from Imperial College London by 185 points to Durham’s 115.

Durham confirmed their place in the semi-final with an exceptional display against Wolfson College, Oxford, winning by 205 points to their opponents’ 45.

Since it first aired in 1962, University Challenge has been won by Durham on two occasions – first in 1977, and again in 2000.

Image: BBC

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  • We are following the team closely. Next time you will get the crown, mates!

    RJ Cova
    Ottawa, Canada


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