Durham in UK top 10 for staff on over £100k


Durham University has been named in the UK top 10 for universities with the most staff on salaries of over £100,000. A Freedom of Information Request submitted by the Taxpayer’s Alliance revealed that Durham ranked ninth in the UK in 2019-20 for the number of staff receiving salaries over £100,000, and eighth in the UK for the number of staff receiving salaries over £150,000.

Durham ranked jointly with the Open University for staff on over £100,000, and above the Open University and St George’s, University of London for staff on over £150,000. The Open University has almost ten times as many students as Durham.

The London School of Economics ranked the highest amongst the universities with the most staff on over £100,000 and £150,000, with 306 staff members on over £100,000 and 109 staff members on over £150,000. The figures include salary, performance-related pay in the form of bonuses, pension-related payments and ‘all other payments’.

No other universities in the North-East are included in the top 10 list, however Newcastle University was not included in the list.

A Freedom of Information Request submitted by Palatinate revealed that in 2019-20, the University’s Faculty of Business had the highest percentage of staff on over £100,000 of any Durham faculty. 17 of 423 staff members receive over £100,000, amounting to roughly 4% of its staff.

This is compared to the University’s three other academic faculties, which all ranged between 0.6%-1.3% of their staff members receiving salaries of over £100,000.

In the Faculty of Social Sciences and Health, six of its 1060 staff members were on salaries of over £100,000, amounting to around 0.6% of the Faculty. This was the lowest number and percentage of staff on over £100,000 across the University’s academic faculties.

The Freedom of Information Request also revealed that the University has hired seven members of staff in 2020 on salaries of over £100,000.

Commenting on the TaxPayer’s Alliance findings, the University told local newspaper, The Northern Echo, “Durham University is a world top 100 institution with around 20,000 students, over 4,000 staff and an annual turnover of around £360m.

“Competitive salary packages are essential to attract and retain outstanding individuals in a global market for higher education leadership talent.

“Our Remuneration Committee considers a number of criteria in its deliberations, which include extensive benchmarking across the higher education sector, as well as performance in role. The Committee regularly reviews these criteria.”


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