Durham for Refugees Festival returns

By Anna Marshall

Durham for Refugees Festival will be returning for it’s second year for a day of music, drama and spoken word from a range of artists. It will take place on Saturday 15th June 1:30 – 10pm at St Chad’s College in Durham. The festival is organised by the student group Durham for Refugees and returns following a sold-out event last year.

The lineup includes ‘The Crossings’, a lively world music band familiar to the festival, and the rock band Caylon. The Syrian refugee choir ‘Stories of Sanctuary’ are also set to perform at the festival as part of their UK tour. Supporting acts include the acapella group Northern Lights, and The Funkhouse Collective.

Beth Anderson, who is organising the group as part of Durham for Refugees, says “The event will be fun, but equally informative, as powerful theatre performances highlight some of the difficulties faced by refugees.

“The national theatre group Ice & Fire will be performing ‘This Is Who I Am’, a series of verbatim Monolgues from LGBT+ refugees and asylum seekers about their experiences in their home countries and their journeys to safety.

“Closer to home, York’s White Tree Theatre bring us ‘The Castaways’, a one woman play imaging a flooded United Kingdom causing camps of displaced people.There will also be a number of talks from specialists on refugee issues, from one man’s experiences of seeking sanctuary in Durham to an insight on education work in camps in Myanmar. A panel discussion will focus on the situation in the North East and what we can do to help, with speakers from political, voluntary and faith backgrounds offering their insights.”

Elizabeth Watts who attended last year and is now involved in organising this year’s festival says “The festival was such a fun day last year and it was great to see so many different people come together. We’ve got a fantastic lineup this year. I can’t wait!”

Taking place on Saturday 15th June, the festival comes the weekend before the UK’s Refugee Week. Durham for Refugees Festival is raising money for Help Refugees.

Tickets start at just £6, with sanctuary seekers and under 12s receiving free tickets.

Ticket website and the facebook event have more information.

Photos sourced from the Durham for Refugees Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Durham for Refugees Festival returns

  • All for genuine refugees but living in the south of England where refugees and their culture and religion was held in so much more higher regard and understanding than my own children whos schools failed to celebrate Christmas for fear of favouritism and whose children were often chastised by teachers who failed to chastise refugees through fear of political correctness made me question with great sadness why? I could gladly welcome refugees with open arms while my children lost their identity and feeling of equality… My children were second class citizens in their own schools and communities due to political correctness sad thought when we should all mix and accept our fellow human beings especially those in a difficult place are treated with more respect and understanding… Sad 😔

  • Hi
    Can any one not student attend to the festival
    Also where should we pay to enter the festival and is any car par in the college.
    Finally could you send me address for the college where the festival taking place.



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