Durham Distillery to open this year in city centre


Durham Distillery, the creators of Durham Gin, have announced they are moving from their base in Langley Park to the centre of Durham City. The new distillery will be located on the High Street, just off Sadler Street, and is due to open by autumn this year. 

The move coincides with the distillery’s decision to expand into the single malt whisky market having previously focussed on gin, liquors and vodka. This will be the North East’s first single malt whisky.

The new site will be “offering a range of tours, tastings and events.

Durham Distillery was setup in 2014 by John Chadwick in Langley Park County Durham, five miles North-West of Durham city. 

Durham Gin, its most well known product, is widely available online and is well reviewed on retail sites such as Amazon and Master of Malt.

As part of the move and expansion, a crowdfunding page has been launched by the distillery. Potential investors can opt to pay as little as £10 for an investment certificate to thousands of pounds for entire casks of aged whisky.

Other rewards include the purchase of tours of the new distillery or one of the first limited edition bottles of whisky produced.

According to the crowd funding page Durham Distillery “are thrilled to have secured planning permission for an amazing new distillery in the heart of the historic Durham city centre”. 

The new site will be “offering a range of tours, tastings and events.

“The distillery will also feature a private event space available for hire, a bar and a customer shop (all of our packages include discounts from the tours and shop products)”.

The Food and Drink Federation ranks whisky as the UK’s largest food and drink export product; it accounts for £4.8 billion in export value. The next three largest (chocolate, cheese and salmon) combined come to less than half the value of whisky exports. 

Scotch whisky dominates the market but Welsh and English whisky are seeing a revival after production died out in the 19th century.

In England, a number of distilleries have now opened and an increasing number are in development. One of the most well known brands is The English Whisky Company based at the St George distillery in Norfolk. 

Since beginning production in 2006, they claim to have filled thousands of whisky casks which are now aging in their warehouses.

Prospective connoisseurs of Durham whisky will have to wait some time before they can enjoy their first dram. After distillation the spirit must be aged in wooden casks for a minimum of three years before it can be sold as whisky. For whisky fans across the world though, the wait is well worth it.

Photography: Bruce Caron via Flickr

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