Durham defeats Glasgow in quarter-finals of University Challenge

By Blundell

Durham University has defeated Glasgow University in their first match in the quarter-finals of University Challenge tonight.  After a close and relatively low-scoring game, the final score was 170-110.

Durham’s team of Round, Yule, Toynbee and Murray were victorious over Whiteford, Hampson, Herbert and Barn who represented Glasgow in the quiz show hosted by on BBC Two. Durham’s team had an average age of 20, whilst Glasgow had an average age of 22. 

Glasgow did take the lead at the beginning, with Hampson dominating in a streak of success which allowed the team to demonstrate their scientific knowledge. However, filmography and linguistic questions saw Durham gather points and the score was 110- 50 heading into the music round, with Durham in the lead.

Glasgow mistook two different composers for Mozart in two subsequent questions but were more successful in the picture round. They were no match for Durham, however, who remained in control and demonstrated some niche knowledge of marine invertebrates.

Victorious in this match, Durham will have to win just one more match in the quarter-final stage in order to go through to the semi-finals, whilst Glasgow will need to win two in order to progress any further.

Also competing in the quarter-finals is Emmanuel College Cambridge, Darwin College Cambridge, St. Edmund Hall Oxford, Bristol, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Back in August, Durham beat the University of Strathclyde by 360 points to 55: a huge triumph which secured their place in the second round. 

Durham then sailed into the quarter-finals after beating Keble College Oxford 200-100 in the second round of this year’s competition.

Durham University has won University Challenge twice in its history on television, once in 1977 and once in 2000.

Photograph: University Challenge via BBC

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