Durham Covid-19 rate halves in a week as students begin to leave


Data shows that Durham City’s Covid-19 rate halved in a week as events were cancelled and some students were either isolating or returning home.

Government data shows that Durham City’s infection rate peaked at 2169.6 in the week to 19th June, the highest in the country. Durham City here excludes Gilesgate and Neville’s Cross.

In the week to 26th June, the rate remained above 2000 per 100,000. However, in the following week, it halved to 1084.8 per 100,000 with some students either in isolation or beginning to leave the city.

The peak came as the University urged asymptomatic students to have one PCR test per week, which likely helped detect some cases and reduce the spread of the virus.

In a survey by Durham Polling, over a third of students surveyed between 18th and 22nd of June, at the peak of infections, said they had had to isolate in the two weeks prior.

The original end of term date, 25th June, was postponed to 2nd July to allow colleges to “Wider Student Experience” events. However, with cases rising at the end of June and the full relaxing of national restrictions postponed until 19th July, many events had to be significantly changed or cancelled. St Cuthbert’s Summer Ball was cancelled by the University just hours before guests were to arrive.

With such high cases in the penultimate week of June, many livers-out were forced to isolate beyond the end of their tenancies, many of which fall at the end of the month. One landlord told students in such a situation that there was “no legal requirement” to allow them to stay.

Image: Patrick Stephens, created with Datawrapper using UK Government data

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