Durham City announced as the newest F1 street circuit

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Formula One has announced that Durham City will be the site of the newest F1 street circuit. 

In a move that will see a second British race for the first time since 1993 the race is expected to start featuring in the official F1 and F2 calendars in 2025. 

The proposed route would see drivers battle it out through iconic Durham locations including the Racecourse, the Viaduct, North Road and Old Elvet.

It is still unclear whether students and residents would be made to leave the city during the race. 

In a statement, an F1 spokesperson said “A country with the motorsports pedigree of the UK deserves more than one race. Therefore we are delighted to announce that Durham City has been given an indefinite contract to host F1 races”

The proposed route of the Durham Grand Prix

In a comment to Palatinate President of the South College F1 society celebrated the news saying “After the success of last year’s Tour of Britain stage and Rickshaw Relay, an F1 race was always the natural progression for the city.

“With excellent college facilities, rooms on the Bailey should make the drivers feel like they are at home in Monaco. I expect Durham’s hills and chicanes to provide an intriguing challenge, with the Riverside possibly being the most purpose-built pit straight of the calendar’s street circuits”.

This was echoed by one F1 journalist who said “With Durham’s recent growth and fantastic history, it seemed inevitable that Formula One would be visiting. 

“The elevation changes and fast corners should make it similar to driving at Spa. It should produce thrilling wheel-to-wheel racing not often seen in street circuits”. 

However, as reported by Round the Apex, the news was met with confusion by some with one engineer commenting that they had “never even heard of Durham” and one driver even criticising the move during a time when Durham is facing a student housing crisis.

Work is expected to start on the new circuit later this year, with the garages set to be constructed on the racecourse.

Image: François Lambregts via Flickr

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  • Superb article. Well timed too!

    • Can we have a La Man’s start as well.

  • April fools right as this would certainly be a terrible idea 🙂

    • Of course it’s April fools you morons

  • is it real? this has to be fake right? the answer is really important to me

  • This 100% Fake, same style Story was Printed in Ashford in Kent, a few yrs back

  • Why not? It’s like a bloody racetrack around the city anyway. ☹️


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