Durham 12 – Loughborough 1: Durham complete unprecedented Varsity hammering


Wednesday 23rd November was a day of great success for a range of Durham University sports teams after an excellent triumph over rivals Loughborough in last week’s Varsity.

Durham’s teams were victors in twelve out of the thirteen matches that took place last Wednesday. The matches stretched across eight different sports: badminton, basketball, football, golf, lacrosse, rugby union, tennis, and water polo.

A clean sweep for Durham was prevented by a loss for the Men’s Football First Team, who lost to their Loughborough equivalents 2-0. However, the Women’s First Team secured the three-points with a solid 2-1 victory.

Durham’s Men’s Badminton First Team secured a comfortable 6-2 overall victory, while the only mixed team for Durham, in golf, finished with 4.5 compared to Loughborough’s 1.5.

Durham’s Men’s and Women’s Tennis First Teams were able to comfortably sweep the opponent aside, with both sides securing 12-0 overall victories.

It wasn’t quite as clear cut for other sides. The only basketball game of the day finished 86-81 to Durham Men’s First Team.

The Men’s Rugby Union First Team match was also hotly contested; it finished 21-20 to the Durham side, which would have been a relief following a tough and aggressive game of rugby. On the other hand, the Women’s First Team had a more comfortable affair, with the match finishing 27-5 to Durham.

Furthermore, the Durham Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse First Teams also met little resisitance from their Loughborough opponents. Both matches finished with a comfortable goal difference. The men’s side secured a 22-6 victory, with the women’s team winning 11-3.

Finally, Durham’s Men’s and Women’s Water Polo First Teams continued the trend, with 16-8 and 20-6 victories respectively.

Photograph: Max Halcox

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