DUCFS launches their 40th anniversary campaign


The Durham University Charity Fashion Show (DUCFS) team are starting their preparations for the 2023 show with a ‘Market Square Takeover’ on Friday 30th September.

Palatinate can exclusively announce that the dates of the fashion show will be: Thursday 16th February, Friday 17th February, and Saturday 18th February 2023.

“This year we promise to bring exclusive events at Durham’s most sought-after nightclubs”


In a statement shared with Palatinate, there was an upbeat message: “This year marks 40 years since our humble show was founded, and you are not going to want to miss it. Whether you are a raucous rugby lad, STEM enthusiast or just a humble Durhamite, or all of the above – DUCFS 2023 caters to all Durham students!

“This year we promise to bring exclusive events at Durham’s most sought-after nightclubs, some utterly unbelievable sponsorship deals and (shock) a star-studded fashion show in February.

“If this hasn’t left you yearning to find out more then now would be a good time to mention it is all in the name of a good cause. So free yourself from the shackles of the Billy B and come join in with the biggest student-led Charity fundraiser in Europe!”

Members of the crowd at last year’s fashion show.
Photography: DUCFS

The 2022 event raised more than £205,000 and the Saturday night show sold out in 1.81 seconds. This coming year, the team are using the £205,000 as a target to better, and ticket sales are expected to be just as rapid.

Members of the team will be at Durham’s Freshers’ Fair today (Wednesday 28th September) and students will have the opportunity to “collect some merch or come and say hi if you see us about (the black puffers are hard to miss…)”.

Images: DUCFS

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