Don’t Push Your Luck With Me, God

By Zarmala Naeem


Dear God, if You are out there,

I demand that You answer my prayer.

I accept that I have done wrong. I am sinful and ignorant and irreverent.

I want You to punish me for it. Punish me for things I have not done yet but will.

And things I will never do still.

Forget about the good I’ve done. Take away my moon, stars and sun.

But listen to me. You will help someone.

This is an order. Obey Your creation.

You will go there right now. Go to her house.

Enter quietly. I trust You don’t need a key.

Go on, go and sit by her bedside. Put Your right hand on her head.

Heal her, or harm me instead. I’ve had enough of You thinking You know best.

It’s time for You to sit Your test. If You cannot do this for me,

I will know that You are nobody.

You’re not a God. You’re not even half of a man.

I love You conditionally.

And this is my condition.


Photograph: Venus8830 via Creative Commons and Flickr

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