Dominic Cummings: “I wasn’t a bouncer, I just helped take money”


Dominic Cummings, the mastermind behind the Vote Leave campaign and currently a senior advisor to Boris Johnson, has exclusively spoken with Palatinate to confirm that he did not in fact work as a bouncer at Klute.

Cummings told Palatinate that his role was to only take money on the door.

He explained that “it is wrong I was a bouncer, I just helped take money”. He also went on to explain that Klute’s infamous reputation was perhaps not what it seemed.

According to Cummings, “when Klute was run by my uncle and dad it was the best nightclub in Europe”.

Klute was owned by Cummings’ uncle Phil and in his youth the political strategist helped him run the storied venue. In 2010 Dominic Cummings was appointed director of the now dormant company “Klute Limited”, around the same time that Cummings was working as an advisor to Michael Gove. In 2013 Klute was bought by Tokyo Industries yet he is still listed as a director of the dormant company.

Dominic Cummings went to the fee-paying Durham school and was the son of an oil rig project manager and a special needs teacher. He then went on to study at Exeter College, Oxford, graduating in 1994 with a First in Ancient and Modern History. Only two years later in 1996 Klute was voted Europe’s Second Worst Nightclub by FHM. The worst, located in Belgrade, was sadly destroyed in a fire shortly after and Klute has now assumed that title.

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