Dominic Cummings declares Klute “The greatest nightclub in western Europe – fact!”


Dominic Cummings, former political adviser to the Prime Minister, has this morning tweeted that Klute nightclub is “The greatest nightclub in western Europe – fact!”, arguing “You gotta go to Moscow or Samara to get better…”

The nightclub, which is over 40 years old, has long been a favourite with Durham students and locals. It boasts of its “cheesy tunes” and suggests guests “wipe their feet on the way out” on account of the notoriously sticky floors.

The club was apparently awarded the title of the second worst nightclub in Europe, only for the Belgrade venue which won first place to burn down, leaving Klute to take the top spot by default. 

Mr Cummings has strong family ties with Klute, which was run by his uncle until it was sold to Tokyo Industries in 2013. However, Mr Cummings is still listed as the only director of a dormant company called Klute limited.

In a statement to Palatinate, Mr Cummings previously revealed that when his family owned the club, he was not a bouncer, but “just helped take money.”

Although no longer the prime minister’s chief adviser, Mr Cummings has continued to gain significant attention for his vociferous criticisms of the government’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis.

He previously attracted national scrutiny after his trip to Barnard Castle during the first national lockdown when his wife was suffering Covid symptoms.

Mr Cummings said he had visited the town, with his family, to test his ability to drive back to London, after experiencing loss of vision due to Covid-19.

Boris Johnson fervently defended his adviser’s integrity during this episode, costing him significant political capital, only for him to leave seven months later after an internal power struggle.

Image: Arthur Dimsdale

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