Clubs introduce searches on entry


A number of Durham nightclubs have introduced changes to how they operate in response to increased cases of drink spiking in Durham City.

Jimmy Allen’s said they will be increasing the number of people being searched on entry, and body cameras will now be worn by management and a number of bar staff. Staff at Jimmy Allen’s will also now be subject to drug searches at random at the beginning of and during shifts.

“there is a long way to go.”

– Durham Night In campaign

Cup lids and straws will also be provided to customers, and handheld metal detectors will be introduced. Players has opted to introduce drinks covers, additional CCTV monitoring and increased training for staff on recognising and dealing with vulnerable persons.

Unattended drinks will also be removed immediately, and the ‘Ask for Angela’ initiative will be implemented, which aims to keep people safe from sexual assault by allowing customers to use the codeword “Angela” to identify to a staff member when they are in danger or an uncomfortable situation.

Babylon, which is located on North Road, will provide drug testing kits for spiking victims, and metal detectors will be used to search customers entering the premises.

Fabio’s bar explained that it will not be increasing door staff as “more policing doesn’t always equate to a safer environment”, instead stocking drink covers and using CCTV to greater use to catch perpetrators. Fabio’s also announced that it would be partnering with Urban Angels, a local group that seeks to help protect women walking home.

In a statement published by Durham Night In, the group said they are “pleased” with the speed at which the threat of the boycott has persuaded clubs to act, but they admitted, “there is a long way to go”.

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