Cat café opens in Durham City


The Pawsome Cat Café, a café where customers can socialise with cats, has opened in Durham City.

The café, which is located on North Road, opened this week on 18th August, and is home to five felines.

Customers will have the chance to spend an hour with the café’s five resident cats: Poncho, a Selkirk Rex breed cat who is described as “calm, affectionate, and sometimes playful”, and Alvin, a Chinchilla Persian, who “loves to sleep by your side and and have his fur brushed”.

The café is also home to Wally, a rare Scottish Fold, who “likes attention all the time”, Simon, a British shorthair, who “sometimes meows to ask for your attention”, and Betty, a British Blue, who is described as “quite shy but playful when she feels like it”. 

The Pawsome Cat Café fosters rescue cats, and, according to their website, their mission is to work with local rescue centres to “help strays and cats in need of new homes”.

The website also states that all of the café’s cats are vet registered and vaccinated and that their wellbeing is monitored by “experienced staff” who are “carefully chosen” so that they are a “perfect fit” for the cats.

Due to Covid-19 regulations, customers will be required to wear a mask in the café when they are not eating or drinking, and only eight people will be allowed to enter the café per hour.

The café will be open Tuesday-Friday from 10am-6pm, and the entrance fee is £6. Bookings can be made on the café’s website

Image: Pikist

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