Buygo expands from house party sponsorship to weddings, funerals & interventions

Following the resounding success of our house party sponsorship scheme, we’ve decided to open up more opportunities to have your events subsidised by Buygo in exchange for a small amount of promotion of our app.

Make certain your wedding is the happiest day of your life by letting us sponsor it! Let us place a subtle yet large Buygo logo on your wedding dress, veil, and vicar’s robes — and we’ll give you £15, plus a HUGE 7% discount on swedes at any Durham greengrocers. Use of our marital bedsheets is optional.

Want to give your frugal relative the funeral they’d always wished for? Keep their penny-pinching legacy alive by letting us print one of our promotional codes on the side of their coffin, so funeral-goers can benefit from your relative’s financial prudence even once they’re no longer with us.

Holding an intervention for a close friend with a problem? If you slip the name of our app into every sentence during the intervention, we’ll pay both you and them £15! Your friend will easily forget about throwing his life savings away on his Yu-Gi-Oh card addiction!

Visiting somebody in hospital? Yes? Then don’t use it as an opportunity to advertise our app, that’d be insensitive.

So what are you waiting for? Message us today and we’ll even throw in a special limited offer of leaving you alone and promising never to advertise to you again — don’t miss out!


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