BREAKING: Klute closes down after 50 years of operation

By Elliot Burrin, and

Palatinate understands that Klute, a popular Durham nightclub on Elvet Bridge, has closed after over 50 years of operation.

The nightclub shut on 20th April, although no public announcement has yet been made, and it is unclear whether the closure is permanent or short term. 

Palatinate has contacted Tokyo Industries – the owners of Klute – for comment, but has not yet heard a response. Back in January, the club temporarily closed — since then it has only been open on weekends.

Annie Collier, a student at Durham who worked at the nightclub until its closure, reflected to Palatinate on the times she spent in Klute: “[The staff] all got on really well and it was such a fun experience working there, which makes it quite sad that it’s all gone, as well as the great nights that were spent there when we weren’t working too.”

Klute opened in 1971, and is famous for its popular club night ‘Sunday Night Klute’ and signature ‘quaddie’ drink. It is best known as “the worst nightclub in Europe”, a title bestowed upon it by FHM Magazine after the previous worst club burned down.

Dillon Blevins, Klute’s general manager at the time of its closure, confirmed that the nightclub had closed. He told Palatinate, “As a former student of Durham University from 2017, I experienced Klute in its element firsthand. At no point was Klute the worst nightclub in Europe: Klute wasn’t even the worst nightclub in Durham.

“From what I have seen from the frontline of the Durham night out, I believe that while Klute’s closure isn’t solely due to changing student [club] preferences, it’s clear that the way we spend our leisure time and our money has completely shifted.”

He thought, “This isn’t just about one venue; it’s indicative of broader changes in student culture,” with students potentially less interested in the nightclub setting. 

The nightclub was originally owned by Dominic Cummings’ uncle and in 2013 was bought by Tokyo Industries. The former Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister worked at the club on weekends, collecting money at the door, and in November 2023 posted on X (then Twitter) that “nothing is more ‘real world’ than Klute nightclub.”

Palatinate has contacted Tokyo Industries, the club’s owner, for further comment. This story is breaking news and will be updated if any changes occur.


8 thoughts on “BREAKING: Klute closes down after 50 years of operation

  • Still, Jimmy Allen’s is next door, always a good night in there….

  • A Durham institution🫡 Is there a closing night?

    One last night…

    Choppers united!

    • Cancel your grub hub sub and get a new training regime Will G. We see you and your gen z groupies riding round on unicorns boycotting Klute in favour of bongos bingo. New York has changed you.

      • Will can you lend me $50 please. I’ll pay you back on Friday

        • Buy us a quaddie like will

  • It was sadder times when the dirty shop closed it doors.

  • I was a frequent visitor to klute with my friends from around 1981 – 1989 ish (memory loss)🤪 it was the best place for a fantastic night Thursday Friday Saturday’s for us made some special friends and had some fantastic nights … shame ♥️ great memory’s some people still around some not with us any longer … memory’s are the best bedtime stories ❤️‍🩹

  • Very sad news, I had some fantastic memories DJing there – especially the sold out Klute Goes 2 Ibiza nights I put on back in 2019.


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