Best songs to listen to in the summertime sun


Observatory Hill on a sunny Wednesday morning. Overlooking Durham City, with the sun bouncing between its glorious architecture, a periodic silence finds its way into your friend group’s conversation on summer plans. If only there was a way to fill that silence..! Here, I’ll provide a handful of mixed-genre songs that’ll fit perfectly with your preferred vibe for the summertime sun. 

1. Dan Y Tonnau – Lewys

‘Dan Y Tonnau’ is a smooth single from Welsh-language artist Lewys’ first album, Rhywbryd yn Rhywle. After bursting onto the Welsh music scene in 2018 with his first single, ‘Yn Fy Mhen’, Lewys has grown from strength to strength. Emulating a late 2000s indie vibe, ‘Dan y Tonnau’ is a personal favourite of mine and is perfect to play during a kick-about in the sun. If you’re a fan of Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend, Sŵnami, or the Wombats, give ‘Dan y Tonnau’ and Lewys a try.

2. Kiss Me Like You Mean It – Kate Yeager

‘Kiss Me Like You Mean It’ is a gentle song that speaks of the little joys of every relationship. With its mostly acoustic instrumentation, which only builds in the chorus, Yeager’s song is perfect to play when you and your special someone have a boozy picnic in the sun. 

3. Bella Donna – CATTY

The latest release of the article, Bella Donna is CATTY’s first single as a solo artist. As ½ of the band Dusky Grey, CATTY already has a wealth of singles she features on. But, as her first solo single, ‘Bella Donna’ stands strong. The song fluctuates between a slow and soft vocal in the verses, and an amped chorus with rich, technical vocals and heavy instrumentation. The tones of the song reflect the lyrics – so, if you’re someone who’s getting over some tough emotions and want to scream along to something – Catty’s your gal.

4. Missing Piece – Honey Butter

‘Missing Piece’ has been a staple in my playlists since hearing it first, this time last year. The song, by student music group Honey Butter, strikes the perfect balance of complex, upbeat brass instrumentation with the riffs and runs of lead singer Alex Moster. This song is like a little capsule of sunshine and unfailingly brings a smile to my face. Thus, it’s certainly a perfect addition to any summertime playlist.

5. Real Gone Kid – Deacon Blue

Casting the net for songs back thirty years, we have Deacon Blue’s ‘Real Gone Kid’. Like Honey Butter’s ‘Missing Piece’, this song consistently brings a smile to my face. The chorus is light with singable melody and piano flourishes, urging you to bop your head and think of everything good you’ve got going on. Its upbeat, cheery sound lends to its status as a steeple in my summer playlist.

6. I Was a Window – SASAMI ft. Dustin Payseur

‘I Was a Window’ is for readers who are looking for a more mellow backing to their summer escapades. SASAMI makes use of synthesizers and heavy distortion to accompany her soft, almost angelic, vocals. From the emotional complexity of her lyrics, SASAMI is evidently a gifted writer and musician but would fit most with those who want to create a thoughtful ambience.

7. Perfect Places – Lorde

The closing single from Lorde’s second album, Melodrama, ‘Perfect Places’ encapsulates the moment in which we commit fully to the moment. For those who miss the party scene and getting lost in the moment with their friends and chosen families, ‘Perfect Places’ is the song of your Summer.

With that, this list comes to a close. I hope that in taking the time to grasp at songs I’ve come to enjoy at different points in my life, this list fully encompasses the potential environments our readers may want to create for themselves. Roll on Summer!

All the songs with a few added extras can be found here.

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