Beating the exam season blues


As the weather starts to get warmer, blossoms begin blooming, and the library is overflowing with students, this time of year is truly one full one fresh starts and intense emotions. There is certainly plenty to look forward to over the next few months during and beyond exam season; it is exactly these moments which should propel us forward and keep in mind that brilliant future that we’re all working towards.

With a long history of iconic performances, the Eurovision Song Contest is sure to be one of the most unique, colourful, and exciting celebrations of the next month. Having not hosted since 1998, this year’s contest will be held by the UK in Liverpool following our second place ranking last year. After Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra won with an outstanding lead in 2022, the event will be a wonderful opportunity for the UK to celebrate Ukrainian culture during these difficult times. Cherishing our unique bonds and cultures is exactly what is needed right now.

Don’t let doubt or pressure dominate your mind

Also in the spirit of celebration, this Saturday King Charles III’s Coronation will take place. The streets of Durham will be alive with colour, music, storytelling, and fun activities which will be perfect amongst this incredibly busy exam season. The event will be a marvellous opportunity for students and residents of Durham to come together to mark this historic event, which will be the first Coronation in a lifetime for most. If you’re longing for a break and an excuse to see a little entertainment, this might be the perfect opportunity.

Though, whilst events and activities provide the perfect distraction, it’s also crucial to keep in mind that this can be an incredibly stressful time of year when many students heap pressure onto themselves. Remember to check in on your friends, support one another, and schedule some well-earned and well-needed breaks once in a while. Whilst everything can pile up and start to feel overwhelming during this time, it’s important to remember that each and every Durham student has worked incredibly hard to earn their place at this University, and you are here for a reason. Do not let doubt or pressure dominate your mind – instead take some time to find little joys in your day, even if it is watching half an hour of Eurovision or taking a look at the weird and whacky Met Gala looks.

You belong here, and you’ll get through these exams

In this first Indigo of term, I am delighted to share that there is plenty of content to read during a moment of down time which is sure to quench that much needed thirst for a change of subject. On page 4, Interview share the inns and outs of Durham Nightline, the invaluable service which is there should you need it this exam season. Film & TV and Food & Drink give us a marvellous collaborative piece on food in cinema, and on page 12, Features looks at the final term of the year and what it may bring. This edition also includes the return of the Events Calendar, so there’s plenty to keep you going throughout the next few weeks. Remember, you earned your place here, you belong here, and you’ll get through these exams. For now, good luck and happy reading!


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