At whose expense? The reduction of housekeeping services in college


The University has announced that it will introduce changes to college housekeeping and portering services for the 2020/21 academic year that will standardize services across all colleges. These will include all university-owned college bedrooms being cleaned on a termly basis and increasing the amount of staff in portering services as well as standardising shift patterns and duration for porters.

These changes are part of an ongoing plan to increase centralisation of the University. The University claims that “the review seeks to enhance the student experience” and will improve the effectiveness of housekeeping and portering services. But at what cost?

The University claims this will enhance the student experience

It is likely that these changes will reduce the amount of hours worked by housekeeping and portering staff, which of course will come at a cost to their incomes. It’s also possible that porters and cleaners may take voluntary redundancies as a result of these changes, which will greatly impact the welfare of students as well as the college community.

It’s difficult to see how these changes will enhance the student experience when the jobs of the people who have the greatest impact on our welfare are under threat. This seems like odd timing to announce these changes as well, when academic staff are on strike due to a dispute with the University over their “failure to make significant improvements on pay, equality, casualisation and workloads”.

It appears that the University has very little respect for their staff and that they are prioritising centralisation at the cost of people’s jobs and pay, as well as the student experience. This doesn’t make for a healthy environment to work in or to learn in, and it’s about time that the University started listening to their staff and did something to address this.

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3 thoughts on “At whose expense? The reduction of housekeeping services in college

  • the colleges were done for when the uni offered the SU a nice shiny new building

  • Students do not deserve this. Porters and Cleaners ate the ones that really run the college for these kids. Students deserve to be looked after and that is what Porters and cleaners do while we work. We look out for these kids on a dailey basis. They pay enough bloody money to get looked after so why the hell take that away from them. The idiot who has decided these cuts will have blood on there hands.Mental health will be even worse now for staff and students. I just hope the person can sleep at night knowing what there doing. 23 years and now might loose my job. What myself and other cleaners have done in the past for Hatfield when we had no boss at all for 2 years and now treated like a number. Thanks a lot who ever you are

  • The staff and students deserve the right to be fairly treat. They are at a low ebb due to the radical overhaul of there education and the staffs livelihood. The Idiot who is doing this Needs to try to live on there wages.. And not in cuckooland. Management do not live in real world


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