An apology to Josephine Butler, from a silly fresher who first doubted you


I can see sheep from my room’s window. That may not be strange to some, but for me, coming from the urban jungle that is Streatham, South London, it is wild. When my mum first dropped me off, she laughed. She is your definition of a ‘city girl’ and could not imagine being
somewhere so rural. Me neither, at first. But now, it has grown on me. I like my field of sheep and the Botanic Garden behind it. And when the sun rises on a bitter morning, just above the tree line, painting the sky pink, there truly is nothing prettier.

We have a saying in Butler. Either Butler chose me, or I chose Butler. For me, it was the former. I was reallocated college, from St Chads, 2 weeks after I had accepted my Durham place. I was fuming. I could not believe they moved me. And to where?! Josephine Butler?! Where is that?! Why am I at the top of the hill, not the centre of the Bailey?! I have to cook for myself?! However, they always say you grow to love your college, and I must admit, that is completely true. I am so grateful now that I don’t have to share a room, I could not imagine life without my ensuite (next year is going to be fun!) and I love my morning view.

Either Butler chose me, or I chose Butler

So, I have realised, I must apologise to my dearest Butler. I am so sorry I ever doubted you, and I am so glad you chose me. Yes, I must admit, I did have to teach myself how to cook, so the first few weeks of meals were horrific, but come next year, when the rest of the Viaduct have smoking kitchens, at least my house will have beautiful, home-cooked meals.

I am ever thankful to be part of Butler sport. Everyone considers Collingwood to be the sporty college, and whilst they are not wrong, you all truly underestimate the quality of Team Butler. I am so glad I didn’t end up on the Bailey. Whilst their buildings may be pretty, I am sorry to say, that they aren’t as good at sport. Butler, on the flip side, is fantastic. With our netball courts, our sports hall, our gym and lacrosse pitch, I dare say you couldn’t ask for better facilities. And Butler Netball is unbeaten thus far in the league! Let’s hope Mixed Netball, for which I am captain (first fresher to do so!) follows the same trend!

Although, Butler, your college bar may not be the best, I do still love it. Having been to the Cuthbert Bailey, Trevelyan Bar and a few other bars, I am so grateful for your size. No matter what, I can always get served quickly, and a portion of curly fries after a netball game have become a must, and for that reason, you have my heart. Be it Monday night darts or Wednesday night bar crawls, there is always a crowd, and playing darts with the girlies at 12am has become one of my greatest pleasures. For this, I thank you.

The community you provide means the world

So, my lovely Butler, despite all your flaws, such as the mile long walk to Babs on a freezing cold Friday or lugging the food shop all the way back up the hill, I love you. The community you provide means the world. I am ever indebted to you for so many things: standing atop the mound at night, the working radiators and warm rooms which any Bailey college could only ever dream about, and the proximity to Mildert, which, I have to say, in my opinion at least, has by far the most attractive of the Durham men, and therefore, you make the walk of shame, if
anything, slightly more bearable, if only for its shortness. And so, my darling Butler, never will I call you ‘Jobo’, and forever you will have my
heart. I love you to the ends of the Earth. Bleed Butler!

Image credit: International Office, Durham via Flickr

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