Almost all teaching moved online for first week of term


In response to the growing  number of Covid-19 cases across the UK, the University has moved all teaching except Labs and Practical classes online for the first week of Epiphany term. 

Restrictions will continue into the Second Week, with group teaching larger than 40 students continuing online but everything else returning to in person, with departments confirming affected teaching next week. 

Teaching into week three is expected to return to fully face-to-face, unless the situation surrounding Covid-19 changes. 

All teaching except Labs and Practical classes moved online for the first week of term

In an email to all students the University said the new adjustments would allow for students to “settle back into life in Durham safely” and to allow the University to see if the new adjustments were an appropriate response. 

The University has also highlighted that “the health and safety of our staff, students and wider community remains our priority.”

“The temporary Covid-controls outlined in this message are intended to enable us to continued to deliver a high-quality education to our students given rising infection rates both locally in the North East England and nationally”

This new guidance goes beyond current Government recommendations, which currently only recommends the wearing of face coverings in teaching settings and frequent testing of students, all which has been in place in University since the start of the academic year. 

As reported earlier by Palatinate the University had already capped events to 25 people with all events affected by this, including refreshers events and the Winter Congregation Ceremony, rescheduled for after the 23rd of January, however teaching had not been expected to be affected.


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