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Ugh, Monday. Monday is meant to be a refreshing start to a new week, but after one too many pints at the college bar following last night’s pub quiz, I just want to sleep. However, I have a 9am, and considering I only have seven contact hours a week (we love our silly little History degree), I really should drag myself to it. 

The lecture was actually really quite interesting, despite me walking in five minutes late, as usual. Maybe I’ll write my essay on that topic instead? I know it is probably a dumb idea to change your essay title four days before the deadline, but I think I prefer this subject more. Now it’s time to head to the library. Not for work or anything though, no. Why would I be doing that? No no, it’s coffee and catchup time with my history girlies! I get a chai latte, as ever, and we sit down in the café and gossip for the next hour. Now, I should probably head upstairs and get some reading done for my seminar this evening. Ugh. I hate reading. 

I’m tired. I think I might head back to college for a cheeky nap before my seminar this evening. I have a netball social tonight I need to be awake and rejuvenated!! 

Okay, I slept for far longer than I should have and now I’m late to my seminar. Oh well. Don’t cry over spilt milk and all that. I wonder what I should wear tonight. The social is Valentine’s themed so I think I’ll go something red…

Social time!!!! I won’t drink too much tonight as I have a busy day tomorrow and an essay I haven’t even started due Thursday. I love my netballers; this is so much fun! Oh look! The Valentine’s formal have left their decorations out and there are red, heart shaped balloons. They will make the perfect addition to my outfit. No one will mind if I just borrow them, will they….

Okay, five bars down and we are headed to Loft. I know I said I wouldn’t go, but one night can’t hurt right? And I have not had too much to drink, only ten shots. Hehe okay maybe I have had quite a fair bit to drink but hey you’re only a fresher once and Kayleigh says she will pay for me! The night and I are young and Skiltini has already booked the Uber, it would be rude to say no!


My alarm goes for my 9am. I turn it off. There is no way I am going to that this morning. I have no idea what happened after we hit Loft and I’m still in my clothes from last night. What’s that on the floor? Some deflated, heart-shaped balloons??? Oh God where did they come from??? 

Ugh, I have a compulsory seminar. I do actually need to get out of bed now. This is so horrible. But hey, look at me, academic weapon, I’ve made it!!! It was actually pretty good, and now that I am out and about, I may as well go to my afternoon lectures too. 

Right, I am shattered. I know I have an essay to write but I am exhausted so a nap surely can’t hurt? And then I will be awake and ready to be productive! 

Oops. It’s 7pm. I slept for four hours. How did I do that?!? I haven’t even started my essay. I need to do a fat ton of reading. I guess it’s time to go to the library and pull an all-nighter to get this reading done. It’s fine, if I do all the reading tonight, I can write it tomorrow and then submit the essay by Thursday. I’ll be fineeeeee.


Okay, well I didn’t get all the reading done. But if I wake up early this morning, I can get some done before netball training at 1pm. It is late now though so I should probably get some sleep beforehand. 

Oops again. It’s 12:30pm and I have just woken up. God, I really need to work on my time management. Right, no need to panic. I’ll just go to training, then come back and crack on with the essay. All will be good. 

Training was so much fun!! Time to start reading again. Or maybe I’ll have lunch instead and then start a bit later. You can’t work on an empty stomach. 

Right, it’s 5pm now Mya and you still haven’t started work. The essay is due tomorrow plus your family are coming. Sort yourself out. Time to start reading and planning again. 

Right. I am exhausted. Time to sleep. If I wake up at 6am tomorrow, I can write my whole essay before my family arrive at noon. Yeah. Sounds good. I’ll get it done no problem. Six hours is surely plenty of time….


Six hours is really not enough time. It’s 10 am and I am only halfway through. There is no way I am going to finish it and it’s a summative and it’s due today. I wish I had planned better!! What am I going to do? This is an absolute disaster – it needs to be submitted before the family arrive. Come on now Mya, speed time. It doesn’t matter if it’s not your best work. Something is better than nothing!

There we go. 12:15pm and it’s submitted. Yes, my conclusion was awful, and yes, my thesis may have been incoherent, but at least I have submitted something. Thank God first year doesn’t count (does it?!).  Plus, I have more important things to focus on. My family are here now and they are taking me out to lunch. The Cellar Door, here we come!!

Aww, it was so lovely seeing them all. Even my brothers came, and that really says a lot. Mum bought me some new Jelly Cats and Dad paid for a food shop. What more can you ask for from parents?? They’ve all left now but I have really missed them, and it was great seeing them. But now time for bed. I have been up since 6am and so I really need some sleep. And then tomorrow, I can wake up and get my readings done before my seminars in the afternoon.


Right, I have snoozed my alarm enough times, it now truly is time to get up otherwise I won’t get my reading done. Thank the lord I don’t have too much to do. 

Oopsie, late to my seminar again. But I am here, and I have contributed so what more could you ask for? Now I have to rush all the way from Saddler Street to the Oriental Museum for my next one, which will be fun considering it’s meant to start in ten minutes. Why is time never on my side!

Actually, I really enjoyed that seminar. We got to look at proper artefacts which was, even though I may now sound super nerdy, extremely cool. But now time for coffee with Tahlia. It’s our Friday tradition and these catch ups are essential considering we never see each other during the week as our degrees are in two completely opposite fields. Plus, I cannot wait for my vanilla chai latte from Flat White. They are so scrummy. 

I wasn’t planning on going out tonight. I have a really busy weekend of sport coming up. But Skiltini wants to go to Babs, its cheapskates, and the whole group are going. How could I say no?!?! And I have only been out once this week, I’ve been so good!! It’s fine, I won’t have too much to drink and I will be up and ready to go tomorrow!


You know what? I don’t actually feel too bad this morning. That’s if you can even call it morning, its quarter to 12 now. Right, netball kit on, astros and shin pads in my bag and hockey stick in hand, I have all my gear for this afternoon of matches. But first the girlies (and Jacob) are off to brunch at Riverview Café. That’s if you can even call it brunch. By the time we get down there it’ll be more like lunchtime!

Omg that was so lovely. It is so pretty down there!! But now to rush to MC. Lex is going to berate me for being late, but it wouldn’t be a normal netball game if that wasn’t the case! It’s our last game of the season, which is so sad, but if we win today, we will have won the league undefeated!! Time to get our netball grind on!!

We won!! Aghhhh!!! This is so great! We are all off to the pub to celebrate now, although I can’t have too many drinks as I have a mixed netball game at 5pm. I am so happy!!!

I am a tad tipsy but really nothing. I have kept my promise. Time to head back for the mixed netball game against Marys. Let’s thrash them. 

We did indeed thrash them. 41-13. Look at us go. Butler college netball on top. But there is no time to celebrate, as it’s time for the last game of the day. Hockey! It’s my first hockey game of the season as I had my dad bring up all my stuff on Thursday when they came. It’s a cup game so I am really excited and hopefully it’ll go well.

Oh. My. God. That was intense stuff! The game ended up finishing 1-1 but since it was a cup game, we needed a winner, so we had to go to p-flicks. We didn’t have a goalie. You can’t do penalties without a goalie! I offered to go in goal for this, I mean, I used to be a keeper. And guess what! We won!! I saved all their penalties!! We are through to the semis!!! Eeeeee this is so cool!!

I am shattered. I don’t think I’ll go out tonight. It’s locals night anyway. Time for bed and to prepare to it all again tomorrow. 


I had to get an Uber down to MC otherwise I would have been really late for our netball game. But we won again, this time against Stevo. This means both our As and Bs have won their leagues undefeated this season. We have to win club of the year this year!! I can’t celebrate too much though as we now have a mixed netball game against Chads, and from what the grapevine says, they have a pretty good team, so this’ll be tough.

The grapevine was right. We lost. Oh well. On to bigger and better things. Considering we have won our other games so far, hopefully this loss won’t affect us too badly. 

At last. My final game of the weekend. Basketball. It’s a cup game and we only have 6 players. This will be a long shift. Time to get ready and stretch out. Don’t want to injure myself.

We won!!!! There was one basket in it. One!! We are through to the next round!! Time to head back to college now though. It has been a long day and I am TIRED. 

Oh look! The quiz is on in the college bar. I do love a good pub quiz. And Bea and Jacob need another player on their team. If I just stay for the quiz and don’t drink too much, then I’ll be all fine to get up for my 9am tomorrow. I’ll only have a couple of pints. A few drinks won’t hurt…

Image: Thomas Tonlinson

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