A few words with… Black Foxxes

By Ashleigh Goodall

Tristan Jane, bassist of the up and coming Exeter-based rock trio Black Foxxes, chatted with Palatinate ahead of their biggest UK headline tour.

How did Black Foxxes come about… how did you meet, and what got you into making music in the first place?

Mark [Holley – lead vocalist/guitarist] started the band with a couple of other friends in the first instance. But after issues with commitment, he found himself without a drummer – enter Ant [Thornton – the current drummer] – and a few months later, in need of a bassist. I was asked to come along and jam, and that’s all she wrote! I guess the mutual love of all music and the need for an outlet led us all to playing music at some stage or another…


Who (or what) are your main musical influences?

I wouldn’t want to answer for the guys (although we share a few mutual loves), but my personal influences would include the likes of Neil Young, Tom Petty, David Bowie, Radiohead etc.


Your debut album, I’m Not Well, is one of my favourite albums of 2016! What can we expect from your new album, REIÐI… will it be musically and semantically similar, or completely different?

Thanks! Well, we feel that the new album will be ten times more diverse in terms of style and feel. The subject matter is broader, the sounds and elements of the music are more experimental, but [it]still retains the Foxxes atmosphere…


REIðI is a very interesting name! Where does it come from, and what’s the reasoning behind calling the album that?

I think after writing a lot of the album’s lyrical content in Iceland, it was a good fit to have that theme dotted around here and there. It’s the Icelandic word for ‘Rage’ so I feel like that’s quite self explanatory!


Which tracks from the album are you most excited for us to hear?

Personally, ‘Breathe’, ‘Joy’, and ‘Oh, It Had To Be You’ are my favourite tracks. But really, they’re all bangers, so I’m excited for people to get stuck into it in its entirety…


So you have your upcoming album release and your headline UK and European tour kicking off later this month… have you got anything else lined up for 2018? What are you most looking forward to?

We’re hitting as many festivals as we can during the summer, so we’re excited to go and experience a few European festivals, because they’ve always got good line-ups to offer and cater very well!


Finally, if you could play a show with any three musical artists (alive or dead), who would you choose?

Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Dolly Parton.


Black Foxxes latest album, REIÐI, is out now. You can listen to it on Spotify here.

The band kick off their UK headline tour – including at date at Newcastle’s Think Tank – on Wednesday 28th March.

Photograph: Lailah O’Donnell


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