30% of students polled yet to sign a house for next year

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A poll by Palatinate has found that 30% of students polled still have not signed a house for the next academic year. This is despite the fact that there is 80% less housing than in October with only 88 houses still available in Durham. 

Palatinate has also found that the average house price has also risen, with 99% of housing available over £140 per person per week, a rise from the 81% of housing over £140 per person per week in October. 

However the overall average price of a house has fallen, with only 16% of houses over £180 per person per week, compared to 50% in October. 

Despite this many students still feel stressed over their ability to be able to sign for a house. A second year student at John Snow College told Palatinate that “Trying to find a house in Durham this year has felt much harder than last year. It’s becoming extremely stressful to find something suitable with increased costs and now moving into exam season. 

“We had signed three different properties on four separate occasions, only for the estate agencies to pull out.”

The feeling of stress was shared by many students with one student saying they felt “concerned” over their experience and another saying they felt “awful”. 

Many students who talked to Palatinate said they are now relying on being able to stay in college accommodation. One Collingwood student said that their “fingers were crossed for college accommodation”, with another student saying that “College will come through with returners accommodation”. 

Another student also said that while they were hoping for college accommodation as their final resort. 

Another student who has chosen not to sign said that the decision was made as they were a local student and they decided to stay at home so they didn’t “have to deal with the stress”  

The impact on their mental health was seen by many students, with one student saying that the stress meant they “might drop out”, with another saying that they were “terrified” about the fact they have not signed. 

Price has also remained a factor for many, with one student saying they were “concerned at finding something at the right price” and another saying “they were out of budget” due to current prices. 

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  • There’s loads of property available In the little villages like South Moor that are cheap to rent

  • If you rent a house outside the city it will cost you less.

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