‘Funeral for Accessible Education’ attracts attention of national media


A student demonstration that is set to take place tomorrow has attracted the attention of national media, prompting coverage by The Guardian and the Huffington Post.

The demonstration, organised by Trevelyan College Left Society, is being advertised as a ‘Funeral for Accessible Education.’ It will be held in protest of the University’s decision to raise the cost of College accommodation by 3.5% to over £7,000 for a standard, catered room for the academic year 2016-17.

Talking to the Huffington Post, Tom Barker, a member of Trevelyan College Left Society, said that the “University is not listening to its student body. Therefore we are going to mourn the education that many can no longer afford.”

Second-year also told The Guardian that the University’s decision to increase the cost of College accommodation “is really going to reinforce the elitism of Durham University.

“The University is facing an escalation in student [protest] on the subject of accommodation fees. Students are no longer prepared to observe the university pass on such socially destructive price increases year upon year,” he said.

In a press release for the event, Jasmine Simms, Secretary of Trevelyan College Left Society, echoed Barker’s statement that “Durham University is not listening to its student body,” and is “evidenced by the rise in accommodation fees being announced one week after a protest calling for a freeze [in accommodation costs].”

The demonstration will involve a funeral-like process through Durham, with “eulogies from students and a shrine to accessible education.

“The action is designed to put pressure on the University to agree to a two year freeze in college fees, and to commit to a full consultation of the student body when agreeing college costs,” the press release concludes.

Photograph: Charlotte Warmington

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