Why you should take up a sport at Durham

By Matt Bell

Sport at Durham University plays a key role in the experience of many students during their time here. Sport at any level provides a platform for meeting people and socialising as well as maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle which will help to balance out the academic rigours of a Durham University degree.

The strength of sport at Durham University lies in our ability to cater for every level. Team Durham currently supports 54 sports ranging from equestrian to boxing, tennis to Gaelic football. There are over 120 teams across these 54 sports which means there is a place for everyone to get involved. It is never too late to pick up a new sport and challenge yourself.

Having up to six teams in several clubs creates an opportunity for those who have never played a sport to take it up and compete. Countless students have taken up sports they had never previously played and ended up winning national championships. Many of our sports clubs, such as tennis and rowing (Learn to Row), run development programmes year round for those who have never tried the sport but want to pick it up in Durham.

Our colleges have over 650 teams covering 18 different sports. For those seeking to push themselves to compete at the top level, we have 17 performance sports with a further 15 sports receiving part-time coaching. During the 2016/17 season, 16 of our teams won national championships, with a further nine making national finals. Over 40 of our teams reached the knockout stages of national competitions. On top of this, 45 of our students received international caps.

It truly is an exciting year to get involved with sport at Durham University. The Maiden Castle redevelopment will only allow us to continue to increase the quality and quantity of sport provision at the University.

Photograph: Durham University

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