What will you miss most about Durham?

durham memories001In graduate life I will miss visiting Jean with another girl as part of SCA’s Generations Together project. It would be wrong to call Jean an old lady (though she’s 87) because she does not see herself that way. She’s caring, vibrant and twinkly (and her biscuit selection is unrivalled), but she has a wicked sense of humour, teasing me mercilessly and pulling the odd prank. When I started visiting Jean I suspected that she might become a sort of surrogate granny to me, but I did not expect her to become such a close friend.

Catherine Wallis

In my case, these few weeks will be the last spent in Durham for a year – as I venture on my year abroad. I will miss the quaint cobbled streets and the cafés and the sunlit cathedral, the college bar crawls and the inability to leave the house and not bump into multiple people you know. I’ll also miss the limited nightlife and outrageously cheap college drinks.

Ottoline Spearman

I’ll miss the nice people in club toilets who lent me an eyeliner or complimented my shoes. You’re all great. I’ll also miss the locals, who bring so much relief to the endless tide of red-trousered braying southerners, and I’ll miss the fact that I could buy a double amaretto for under £2.50.

Hannah Fitzpatrick

In Durham, it takes a maximum of twenty minutes to get from A to B, so there is no need to have a car, or even a bike. I will look back at Durham fondly when I am flung headfirst into cruel reality and forced to start taking driving lessons. I get the feeling it will be harder to drive in real life than it is GTA or Mariokart.

Patrick Brennan

I’ll miss the people. Bumping into people in the library and around town, knowing that there’ll always be someone around you can chat to – I can’t wait to come back to that after the summer.

Ellen Finch

I will miss the kooky professors who taught their subject with such passion! A lecture that particularly stands out was on the English Renaissance module. It started in darkness with a candle as two lecturers proceeded to enact a Senecan tragedy – complete with a fake knife and blood. This kind of quality kinesthetic learning will be sorely missed.

Kate Wilkinson

I’ll miss sub-editing Palatinate!

Isabel López Ruiz

As a graduate, I miss the boredom of university life. Two years ago my fresh-faced form, would – in pyjamas – tiptoe across the empty bottles and crushed cans to perch upon a neglected sofa to watch The Daily Politics. The routine would then continue with watching the news, a tussle between The Chase and Pointless, and then Come Dine With Me and the news again. I really just miss being bored and having so little to do (at least until the mad rush that started in April when my father’s comforting revision advice of “it’s already too late” would ring in my head).

Hugo White

I will miss the beautiful scenery as I casually walk to lectures – it will be really strange living in a ‘proper’ city once more! I have had a wonderful time and have met some truly amazing people that will be sorely missed! Shout out to the late nights singing to cheese in Klute and rowing on the river (even if falling in once was not the best!). I won’t miss the hours of studying for exams but, despite all that, Durham was such a great experience throughout!

Georgina Layton

The fact that people who have become very close friends are no longer only just round the corner

Jacob Ratcliffe

I will miss: Being in walking distance from everywhere, living so close to all my friends and always having someone to talk to, my student loan and discount and all college and uni wide events like formals, etc.

Shalaka Darshane

The thing that I will miss most about Durham is the freedom that it has offered me. As an Arts student, the amount of free time I have will definitely be looked on as a luxury when I enter the working world! Some of my best memories of university are simply afternoons of lounging around with friends. Of course, I will also miss being Features Editor of Palatinate and Indigo so I’ll use my final issue to thank all the people on the Editorial Board and everyone who has contributed to this section.

Zosia Eyres

Illustration: Mariam Hayat

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