URGENT: Major rescue operation underway by Hild Bede after “young male” rescued from river

By Oliver Mawhinney


Police have rescued a “young male” who fell in the River Wear in the early hours of this morning.

A search and rescue worker told Palatinate that they are still looking for a friend who was possibly with him at the time. The worker, who was accompanied by two workers by Hild Bede Boathouse, could not confirm whether the person was a student.

A helicopter spot light has been out and search and rescue teams are searching the river bank. There is a strong police presence with at least five vehicles.

The helicopter was seen as early as 0215 this morning. Most of the operation seems to have taken place between the College of St Hild and St Bild and Klute nightclub.

Joe McWilliam, a first year at Hild Bede College, told Palatinate: “There were searchlights everywhere scanning up and down the river. It was pretty terrifying, especially after recent events.”


Update 0256: The activity has moved towards the centre of the city with no presence around Hild Bede College.

Update 0321: Activity seems to have subsided.



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