The first day

By Lorna Reeve


The noise overwhelms,

A room filled with 200 students,

‘They’re all just as scared as you’ –

But they’re not.


Are you sure there’s enough air here?

Are you sure I’m still breathing?

Before long, I’m in the bathroom

The enclosing walls and the locked door offer security.


I know I need to get out,

Formal looms and I need to eat.

But I’m not ready to face people

I can’t see the ones who don’t understand.


But then a comforting hand steers me,

Offers me water, talking;

But also – Comfort, Safety, Company.

She offers options and choices, recommendations.


‘More people than you know’

She says,

‘We’re not always obvious, But we’re everywhere.

A quiet union of people who understand

There is always support.’


Please look up Students with Disabilities Association, Heads Up and Welfare services for support.


Photograph: Abhijit Kar Gupta via Flickr and Creative Commons

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