Tanlines – Mixed Emotions

by Alex Mathie 

Among the deluge of ‘indie-pop’ records surfacing recently, it’s rare to find a record as refreshing as Tanlines’ debut album, Mixed Emotions.

New-Yorkers Eric Emm and Jesse Cohen have refined their older sound into a mesmerising blend of carnival rhythms, infectious synth hooks and staccato guitar melodies.  Emm’s surprisingly powerful lyricism had been an infrequent presence in Tanlines’ previous recordings, but Mixed Emotions sees one of their strongest assets used to phenomenal effect.

Previously, their recordings lacked direction and structure; this album is a masterfully constructed musical journey, showcasing the diversity of Emm and Cohen’s talent. The record sees the duo emerge from behind the disguise of the umbrella-genre ‘experimental’ and establish themselves as a band– a damn good one at that.

If you ever needed an album to remind you that summer is just around the corner, look no further.

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