RESULTS: College Results 7th-13th October

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College Sport was back this week with most sports making an appearance at the weekend. See below to find out how other teams did in your league.


Mens Football Premiership

Collingwood A v Cuths A  10-0

John Snow A v Trevelyan A 3-1

Marys A v Aidans A 0-2

Hatfield A v Grey A 2-0

Collingwood B v Hild Bede A 0-1

Castle A v Stephenson Rangers A 2-1


Mens Hockey Premiership

Hatfield A v Aidans A 5-1

Cuths A v Castle A 2-1

Van Mildert A v Collingwood A 0-1

Queens A v Marys A 0-4


Mens Hockey Division 1

Grey A v Chads A 1-1


Mens Premiership Basketball

Stephenson A v Ustinov B 45-46


Men’s Basketball Division 1

Aidans A v Josephine Butler A 43-24

Castle A v Johns A 21-30

Collingwood B v Hatfield A 20-47


Womens Hockey Premiership

Josephine Butler A v Marys A 3-0


Womens Hockey Division 1

Chads A v Hatfield B 0-3

Johns A v John Snow A 3-0

Van Mildert A v Stephenson A 2-0

Aidans A v Trevelyan A 5-0


Can’t find your result? Make sure you upload your result to the Team Durham website or hand in your score cards to Maiden Castle or the Team Durham Office.

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