Record number of Grey students volunteer at activities day

By Clara Gaspar

Two weeks ago, Grey pupils came together to put on a Sport and Arts Day for children with learning disabilities.

Although these voluntary days have now been running for over three years, on a termly or twice-termly basis, the last event attracted a record number of volunteers.

Some 25 Grey College students provided a day of activities for the school children, whose disabilities ranged from mild to severe learning disabilities.

They began the day in Maiden Castle, where the children were taught dance, circus skills, sit-down volleyball and parachute games.

After their lunch, the children were taken to the JCR where painting, pool, giant Jenga, table tennis, Twister, board games and music had been set up and organised by another Grey Student, Eadaoin McRandal.

Emily Thomas, the organiser of the day, highlighted the good that these events do for the wider community.

She said: “The children get to have a lot of fun, receive a lot of attention from volunteers and get to use university and college facilities.

“What I really love is seeing the children all playing and chatting to all the volunteers in the JCR, it’s so lovely, it feels really welcoming and how college should be – part of the community and not just a halls of residence.”

Photograph: Richard Cooke, Creative Commons

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