Queen’s Campus Working Group updates staff and students on consultative process

By Charlie Taylor-Kroll

Anthony Long, Chair of the Queen’s Campus Working Group, has sent a letter to staff and students as the Queen’s Campus consultative process begins its next stage.

Over 230 students and staff members have responded to a questionnaire that was issued by the Working Group to gauge feedback about the advantages and disadvantages of Queen’s Campus.

It also offered respondents the chance to provide ways in which Queen’s Campus could be improved.

The first part of the consultative process has been labelled a period of evidence collection.

Town hall meetings to discuss the future of Queen’s Campus were also attended by 170 staff and students during the beginning of the 2015/2016 academic year.

In the letter, Anthony Long highlighted that the main strengths of Queen’s Campus according to the feedback received was the “strong community feel,” emphasizing that students who completed the questionnaire were ‘’very positive regarding their experience.”

However, the split-site working for staff and students caused by the distance between Queen’s Campus and Durham City was highlighted as a chief concern regarding experience on campus.

Long said that a “wide range of options for Queen’s Campus have been proposed from the staff and students that engaged in this consultation.”

Proposals included “significant investment at Queen’s Campus in order to improve subject diversity and grow critical mass in teaching and research, to re-location of some or all of current activities to Durham City.”

Queen’s Campus is under consultation as part of the Option 3 of Durham University’s Academic Strategy, which aims for the University to be world leading in education, wider student experience, research, and engagement.

“The Working Group is now reflecting on potential options and will submit a report of our initial findings and recommendations to the University Executive Committee in late February.

“Following this meeting the Working Group’s report and recommendation(s) will go through the usual University governance and consultation procedures,” Long’s letter concluded.


Photograph: Wikimedia Commons


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