Liverpool have scored again

By Charlie Spence

Liverpool have scored again I can see the fans are
I can’t believe it went like this I really had that feeling
That somehow, now, this would be our season.
The screen goes off, I know it now
That I should stop believing,
The hinges squeak, the door it slams,
Last night’s girls leaving;
Finally, she’s gone again
And I’m in my place to be:
The TV screen in front of me,
The pillow behind my head.
I actually can’t explain
How happy I am she’s left
But Liverpool have scored again
So now the TV’s dead.
Can it be you who makes those hinges squeak again?
Can I not be left staring
Out the window at my world outside
That’s never seemed as caring
As when you were sat beside me here
Sharing in this awkward ritual
That followed every game we watched
That follows every game I watch.
I watch, I wince as I notice every mark.
My watch, it ticks and now my week it starts;
Every mark denotes a meeting
Some friend of ours I’m seeing,
Some friend of ours who’s tired of hearing
The excuses I keep repeating.
I’ll tell them it was yours to take
And so you went and did it
The train was moving fast enough
You won’t have known you’d hit it.
I’ll be begging for the week to end
With the pillow behind my head
Sat here in my place to be.
And for 90 and a little extra
Hope my team play a little better
So I forget for 5 more minutes
How it feels that you’re no longer with us.

Photograph: Tamsin Bracher for Thorn

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