Live Review: Superfood @ Think Tank

By Jay Landman

The last time I saw the alternative/indie group Superfood was at a tiny, sold-out show at Bedford Esquires in 2014, alongside Gengahr in support of Wolf Alice. The one-hundred-or-so people there that night were truly treated to an unforgettable show, so I had high hopes for Superfood as they came back this year as headliners of their own UK tour.

Fast forward three years, and catching Superfood again live at Newcastle’s Think Tank on 9th October was still absolutely magical. They had a really good turnout for their live return: it was nice to see that they’ve managed to retain a faithful following, and that appreciation for the band has not waned. Their set included a mix of newer songs from their brand new album Bambino, such as ‘Unstoppable’ – which, to put it simply, is a fantastic song in its own right – as well as older classics such as ‘Right On Satellite’ and ‘Mood Bomb’. The band were well received, with the audience joining in and singing along throughout the set, vibing off the energy and passion that Superfood were pouring into every song they played.  Despite this, the band remained humble throughout: they continuously thanked the audience for attending their show between songs, and returned to the stage for an encore too. The crowd were clearly up for a party, and Superfood willingly obliged!

Their time away from the stage has made Superfood’s live shows all the more exciting; three years on, it’s clear to see that they have still retained the confidence of a band that knows the quality of their music, and trusts themselves – and their fans – in the live environment. In many ways, the stage is where they thrive the most, as it incorporates audience interaction and allows fans to fully embrace the live experience. As such, the band could’ve fooled anyone into thinking that they’d never left, as they appeared completely natural: there were no signs of being rusty and, if anything, they cherished the challenge of reminding the audience of why they were fans in the first place.

Superfood’s return to the stage has been welcomed with open arms. This is a band that received critical acclaim several years ago and are now back in full force, ready to show the world what they’re made of: unadulterated alternative/indie rock with honest Brit-pop influences, nuanced with feel-good vibes. The end result of this fruitful concoction is infectiously catchy music that never tries too hard to be something it’s not: this formula has worked well for the group so far, and if experience is anything to go by, Superfood look set to win over the hearts of plenty of new fans through both their recorded music and live shows.

All in all, Superfood’s show at Think Tank was thoroughly refreshing: their performance embodied what a live band’s music should be – creative, catchy, and most importantly, fun. If you’re a fan of alternative/indie music such as Circa Waves and JAWS, then Superfood are definitely ones to listen to and catch live: you will not be disappointed.

Photograph: Ian Cheek Press

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