Landlord agrees to pay compensation to Durham students

By Luke Andrews

A Durham Landlord has agreed to repay former student tenants their deposit and an additional 150% in compensation.

The Durham University students claimed that their landlord had breached the tenancy agreement by failing to protect their deposits within 30 days of receipt, Durham Magistrates’ Court heard.

They claimed compensation for this, which had to be between one to three times the amount of the original deposit.

The landlord objected to the claim and requested compensation in cleaning charges.

Judge Coulthard told the court that if a tenancy agreement is breached, a sum of between one and three times the amount of the original deposit must be payed in compensation.

The case was closed with a consent order endorsed by the court and agreed by both parties stating that the landlord should pay back the amount of the deposit and 1.5 times that amount in compensation.

The case was brought by Ben Jones, fourth year physicist, 22, Adam Richardson, 22, fourth year mathematician, and Nick Denton, 21, masters theology student, and three others.

Photograph: Creative Commons

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