Prediction is hard, especially about the Future…

Charles Saatchi is taking over Facebook with his ‘The Saatchi & Saatchi Summer Scholarship 2010’ groups. The interns with the most members in their groups by 7th Feb will get through to the next round. This is fickle and ruthless but effective… we predict that by the end of the year he will have a cult following of 1 million Saatchites.

E4’s new show, Glee, has everything you could possibly want  from bitchy cheerleaders to oblivious geeks, to the female sports teacher with a masculine desire to be the best. Oh, and of course a cappella pop songs. By the end of the month Klute will almost certainly have a Glee medley, playing at the far too early hour of 11 pm.

Greg Chambers (Aidan’s) is on a  mission to have the DSU- shop-that-was renamed ‘Greg’s Luscious Garden’. DSU President Natalie Crisp said, “if 5,000 students genuinely feel that strongly about it then it’s my job to represent their views”. We reckon it’s almost certainly definitely in the bag – and have a strong feeling that the renaming of DSU’s Riverside Café to ‘Riverside Motherf*cker’ is on the cards.


Has anyone actually been to this dubious sounding night at the equally dubious looking venue? Or its tweenage night, Twilight, for that matter – for which we won’t go into predictions. However, we shall inform you of the highly probable eventuality that it will close in the near future. Not at 2am tomorrow morning – although maybe that will be the time. But it will silently slip away into the Durham fog.

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