Get Involved

Palatinate offers budding student journalists the chance to get involved in producing a professional newspaper. Whether you’re interested in writing, reporting, photography, illustration or design, there’s a section for you.

Getting involved in Palatinate requires no prior experience of journalism, and full training is provided by our Editorial Board. Whatever your skills or interests, we look forward to hearing from you. To get an idea of the sort of content we run, explore our website or pick up a copy of the paper from college, the Bill Bryson Library or Elvet Riverside.


If you’d like to write for one of the main paper sections (News, Comment, Profile, Politics, Scitech or Sport), e-mail for more information.


If you’re interested in contributing to our popular arts and lifestyle pull-out, e-mail for more information. We welcome submissions or proposals from any Durham student.

The direct email of any section editor can be found here

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